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Published on 31 Aug 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Young Boy With Autism Has A Meltdown At Costco, Destroys Several Large Screen TVs
This video of a young autistic boy in his early teens freaking out in a Costco has gone viral.

The youngster is seen ontop of the TV rack nervously twitching his hands and pushing several large screen TVs off their mounts and onto the floor.

The workers seemed confused about how to handle the situation. One man tries to talk the boy down but it just seems to upset him even more.

At least 6 TVs were destroyed.

No update on what happened to the boy.

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EditioN5960 2 months ago

id fucking shoot him or any race doing that right through the head

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TrumanBurbank 2 months ago

Category 7 chimpout

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Raymo1 2 months ago

Dont get the vax

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Raymo1 2 months ago

Shoot him down.

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dustyfemalecat 2 months ago

There is something satisfying about those tv's being destroyed. Unless you use it as a computer screen to look up truth websites it only acts as a propaganda purveyor. Some cost north of a grand and feel flimsier than a piece of paper, like they might crack under their own weight and will sag like a sheet.

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Frederic 2 months ago

Best thing for the world to happen:

- No more Hollywood
- No more television
- No more newspapers
- No more internet
- No more unhealthy food
- No more modern day government
- No more pharmacy
- No more electricity
- No more technology
- No more digitalization

Why you might wonder? Because exactly these things empower the System of the Beast and works towards our attemped genocide. The Jews would have to resort to their old tactics, but we whites can at least defend ourselves more fairly plus we have the knowledge on how they operate. Our physical and mental strengh are way more valuable than people realize. I mean 300 spartans stopped a huge invasion of Persians in the old days... they were clearly brilliant and intelligent as well.

We cannot naturally progress while the Jews and their masters and slaves still exist. We are living in the System of the Beast right now.

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