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Venezuelan Military build up on the border against US aggression.

Published on 21 Sep 2020 / In Wars / Military Industrial Complex

Venezuelan Military build up on the border near Columbia to counter US and western aggression, following their official coup attempt by recognizing an illegal president as well as putting sanctions on the country. Russian/Soviet made 2S19 Msta who are belonging to the Venezuelan army are helping against the US aggression, to protect Venezuela.

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iamfjk 2 years ago

complete list of all fake jew expulsions

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iamfjk 2 years ago

chump is a hired traitor to the U.S Republic and was appointed by his kingpins aka rothschild luciferian banking cartel aka zionist bolshevik communist fake jews aka SOS !!!

Why ???

To cull the entire global population of White European's !

Don't believe me ??

Just look at what those fake azz jews and their weaponized hordes of subhuman filth are doing to every disarmed White Nation !!

This so called forced vaccination is the last coffin nail into White genocide !

What do you mean ??

It's a Lethal Injection , custom made just for White European's !!!

Never capitulate to White Genocide , my fellow White Brethren ""NEVER"" !!!!

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iamfjk 2 years ago

All of these super powers and their Parties eg. China - U.S.A. - Russia - Democrats - Republicans - etc. are not really Opposed to each other ; they are : "" Controlled Opposition ""

Oh sure there will be wars and rumors of wars :[ with and within these countries ]: , where you will have millions of dead on either side , But these : Rothschild Luciferian Banking Cartel , profit enormously from them. They finance all sides of the conflict via their Fractional Reserve Banking Syndicate aka Federal Reserve Banks.

They lend out their fake money to all these nations "" WITH INTEREST "" So the stultified and enslaved masses have to pay these fake azz jews back , via their Tax Dollars , for all the loans made to their governments to finance these wars.

Conflict and Wars are huge money makers for these Khazarian Mafia aka SOS !

So you see , these fake azz jews don't care who wins or loses because they just sit back in their palatial estates : [ Bought and payed for via the White Tax Dollar ]: and convert the interest owed on these huge loans , into tangible wealth aka Gold / Silver / Platinum / Properties / Jewelry / WMD etc..

As their wealth and power accumulate's , they pay off and COMPROMISE :[ Thru illegal sexual laisons with underage children ]: all the present and future politicians aka "APPOINTEES" , via Blackmail / Bribes / Rewards / Vacations etc.

Why ?

Because Money is the most effective way of controlling them , so they follow the ZOG party line , all the way to the end !

What is the end ?

The : "" NEW WORLD ORDER "" A planet owned / operated and controlled entirely by these Zionist Bolshevik Communist Fake jews !

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