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VertigoPolitix - A Tale From the Bosnian War

Published on 12 Jul 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣VertigoPolitix - A Tale From the Bosnian War

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NewWorldEbola 2 months ago

excellent way to kill moslems.
it needs to happen to every single jew and moslem in the west for what they've done.
there can be no true justice for all the raped and tortured White children.
but they can pay via the most brutal punishment this life can offer.

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ARYAN VIKING 2 months ago

Jews know all the worst tortures but they have been given a thousand years to practice them unpunished by any nation so far. Whites from that time tried telling everyone even then that Jews are an organized crime group who serve as mercenaries. Once people get it through their heads that every Jewish person they see is part of a group of organized crime families they will better see how these people communicate with one another when around the rest of us. They go to special schools as children to teach them in the ways of these practices.

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