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VertigoPolitix: ANTIFA Brutally Swarm Free Speech Advocate

Published on 22 Sep 2020 / In Politics

VertigoPolitix on ANTIFA.

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whitepride73 1 year ago (edited)

what "white supremacy". these homeless Jewish communist niggers, wetbacks and shitskins deserve to be shipped back to their shit hole countries and disappear forever boiling in a river of shit.

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Alli Done
Alli Done 2 years ago

Since when is saying lets talk , evil and " youre lucky we dont beat you because were tolerant " good. This is an upside down world, I refuse to agree with.

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concretepigeon 2 years ago

Detritus - real force = shat pants

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PFAER 2 years ago

They really saved the world against those horrible nazis, how brave!!

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