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Veterans - The French in Algeria (2010)

Published on 13 Jan 2022 / In Documentaries

⁣How very interesting that the White Man can maintain Israel as the most powerful country in the Middle East with its hard earned tax money and its political influence, but completely manages to lose not only French Algeria, but also Rhodesia AND South Africa.

Algeria, Africa's second largest country was colonised by the French in the 19th century. But unlike the neighboring French protectorates of Tunesia or Morocco, Algeria was considered French territory, legally a mere extension of mainland France itself. And by the mid-20th century it was home to over one million European settlers. While they enjoyed the privileges of French citizenship, the overwhelming majority of the population, Arab and Berber Muslims, reaped few benefits from the French presence.

"The majority of the native population didn't have the same rights that were held by a French citizen. There was a contradiction between those supposedly egalitarian republican principles that France was supposed to be importing to Algeria as a colony, and the reality," historian Benjamin Stora says.

In 1954, a group of Algerians, determined to end France's colonial rule and achieve independence, turned to violence. On Novermber 1, the recently formed National Liberation Front (FLN) launched attacks across Algeria against French military and civilian targets.

For the French authorities in Paris the FLN's aim of independence for Algeria was unthinkable. Troups were sent in to clamp down on what was regarded as mere civil unrest. And even as the violent rebellion escalated in the coming months into an all-out conflict, France refused to admit it was entering into war.

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