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Violent BLM rioters commit crimes and launch racist attacks against whites.

Published on 28 Jun 2021 / In News & Politics

I have to tell you the truth here; this shit PISSES ME OFF. There is a literal war on our race by the demented radical leftists fueled by the media to hate us! Minorities have been weaponized by those who pull the strings to wage domestic warfare against us.... and all the converatives can do is masturbate each other whilst boasting about how anti-racist they are.


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WhiteMiasma 22 days ago

That stupid man setting on the ground asking the niggers if he can answer his phone; even I wanted to kick and beat him.

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Gifted163 2 months ago (edited)

Niggers are going to suffer when the White rage explodes. We outnumber you. The streets of the ghettos will be stacked with your stinking nigger asses and your lice, flea and rat-infested housing will be cleaned by fire. Fuck you ingrates that never had a job, graduated anything, and only the government welfare checks prevent your starving. A pitiful failed race of semi-human, big lipped, gold-toothed, fake weaved, stupid, ignorant, lying, melodramatic, openly critical of everything, that can't cook a meal, destroys fast food places, shits and pisses in the streets, supported by government at all levels for food, housing, utilities, rent assistance, transportation, medical, dental, job training (ain't that a laugh?,) trillions of inflated Federal Reserve Notes GIVEN to you all, filling the courts, jails, prisons, halfway to hell houses, probation and parole offices, international aid, religious organization donations, GIVEN free college scholarships for your sub-85 IQs, promoted through every grade in schools regardless of any merits, leading the nation and world in EVERY NEGATIVE category, and still you hateful losers cannot rise up. White people hold you to a lower standard as we know you cannot compete or behave in civil society. The Civil Rights Act of 1964-65 signed into existence by the criminal Jew-loving LBJ started the ruination of America. Never has any race been GIVEN so much to provide a way for the nigger to become a worthwhile group of people. The media covers up your crimes. Anyone that will not say that is true is a lying nigger lover helping to destroy White Society. The only thing that the nigger has contributed to America is the introduction of "mother fucker" into the vernacular. Niggers have been GIVEN every opportunity and EVERY chance to improve their lot. If an elected person says the truth, their families may die. Their careers destroyed. For what? Speaking the truth. Observing reality. Pull your pants up, childish bastards. How were the suburbs invented? HA! White flight to escape the niggers ruining their lives. Does anyone want to live near niggers? Shit upon every one of you hateful, stupid, ignorant, lazy, thieving, queer, stinking, and I mean stinking useless bipeds. All of you nigger loving Whites should move a nigger family into your homes. Won't that be a documentary of your White supremacy. Here ya' are: Tonight, any night, you nigger lovers take a walk alone in the ghetto. I fucking dare you. If you survive, remain breathing, give us a report from the hospital. I dare you, gutless cowards. Finally, read this, type this into the monitor search engine, "The Murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, Knoxville, Tenn., 2007. Not a peep from the media. Instead we here about damned Trayvon Martin, hands up don't shoot and nigger George Floyd. I don't know who is more fucking deceitful, niggers or nigger lovers. If the niggers come for me, I will take many down with me.

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hoplitefrog 2 months ago

Grow some balls whitey

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jamesonjohn45 2 months ago

FUCK Portland soft niggers trying to act tuff to a soft White guy.

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1933HWR1945 3 months ago

What pisses me off is that there were other whites close by and they let those negros run wild on that guy, and only came in after to pick up the body.

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