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Wake the fuck up!

Published on 14 Jul 2021 / In Jewish Genocides

All credit to Europeawake How long?How long?My brothers and sisters on this platform and every other one have been shaddowbanned and silenced because these jews own everything even this site.It wont be long.Rise up I implore you.So many people are done with this site So many great truth videos .Why do so many great channels stop posting?because they are sick of being censored. No quote unquote free speech platform is free.they are all info collectors. Well fuck them. Before they shut it down those who already know the truth will know. When they shut it down all these opinions and morals will turn to actions. WE SHALL PREVAIL!

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PascalG 19 days ago

Nice vid, good comments, thank you for the great work. But please don't forget Saint Adolf is still a GIANT in paradise, he doesn't belong to the past. Keep spreading love, keep spreading truth, WE will win.

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Truthload 17 days ago

Thank you for your kind words brother. And yes Saint Adolf lives forever in all of us who know the truth. We shall prevail!!!

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momento 19 days ago

Such deep truths here. History tells the tale. How can one refute anything that Hitler says here? I don;t know how that's possible. What answers would they give?

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DARRYL DUNCAN 19 days ago

This website went kind of national recently and it brought a lot of people over from those other sites. These new people don't even know anything about Hitler except what a Jew told them and many of them are just plain Jews themselves. Even if this site goes the way of the others we can say we had a brotherhood of Hitler believers here for awhile and it was good. Just looking at our nation most White folk have been broken down for so long with the police locking us up all our lives while manufacturing crimes out of thin air and these Jews do nothing but lie in every movie and television program we see. They get away with every indecency on these television programs and it just has the effect of breaking children down from their potential. A war within out nation would be great because so many of us Whites have not been allowed to own guns our whole lives but a war would allow for everyone White to get the enemy thats been killing us. It doesn't look like anybody will get the balls to attack this nation and that is a shame because it means these Jews will continue paying off the police to lock us up or kill us in some other way.

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mics972 19 days ago

Saint Hitler - Why was Hitler a saint?

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Truthload 19 days ago (edited)

And any channel that doesn't let you leve comments because they cant handle opinions and any channel thats in it for money is not one of us your one of them.

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