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Walmart is closing 269 stores for economic reasons but the real fact is mass theft

Published on 12 Mar 2023 / In Cultural Marxism / Kalergi

Negros can't grasp the concept of "you don't shit where you eat" but will shit anywhere and wonder why then it is bad.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 10 days ago

I believe that The Jews are a Hive Mind - we cannot win
Book of Esther - but their real goal and victory is not here - yes it is , but the coup de gra is beyond -
I’m here to learn / not teach - so my point is who is Jesus Christ - who side he on ? And what did Jesus think of Purim - Purim effigy looks like Jesus to me
What is king James saying in Esther ?
Why would white European nationalists- route for Jews to rule Persian and eventually Europe - as Ireland is gone - watch a video about what’s going on there - I couldn’t make thru the entire video - like book of Esther - SAME THING

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NewWorldCircus 15 days ago

Again, the lack of self-awareness.

"They must be trying to starve black people, I just don't understand".


That in itself should be the overall testament as to why niggers MUST be exiled.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 15 days ago

ATM machines in south and North Carolina had no cash , transfer only - new formate on older machines-
Uss petrodollars going down

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ConorMcCormack 15 days ago

Went to get cash from Bank of Ireland ATM today in Roscommon and it had none

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 15 days ago

I tried 3 times in two states
What concerns me most was the Format was changed, as if it’s going to be the standard
Transfer Only
I couldn’t even do that
I found an atm 🏧 at a chrome shop - the fuel islands never did work.

I believe the store closings are because of the cash/ foreign exchange fees- it’s cheaper to let the nigs steal the items and close the stores than pay the bills.
Blacks will get the blame for more of this as Putin and Briks nations gather more investment leverage from finace capital and speculators.
These are decisive and cunning moves from higher up the market.
Watch Ukrainian war- when that port falls to Briks crypto- it’s the first domino to fall given Chinese navy the obligation of guarding ports.
Wall st will sell US dollars and East Indian will buy with briks crypto

This might be beginning of the end

I remember seeing an ad for $30,000 30 year annuities
I said- who got money like that and why as the % didn’t even pay inflation
Because it’s a safe haven for large cash deposits
Then cash out in crypto after markets settle

Thanks for your comment
Ya - Ireland 🇮🇪- 😎

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ConorMcCormack 15 days ago

@Richard Strach: only the devil himself could bring it to where it is now. I suppose i could start by making a greenhouse. Maybe drill for oil

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 15 days ago

@ConorMcCormack: iv been trying since 1989
I learned about the CFR trilateral commission and JWO
However my own people can’t grasp the dire consequences of letting Jews control,,,, everything. They seem to think they are just people like us , when I know what the Talmud says . I was. A devote Christian and I took the Bible very seriously- if they take the Talmud as serious as I do Gospel … I’m sure you see the difference and the problem.
Letting these people “ Marxist “ globalists in control of anything is paramount to treason.
The legal definitions alone deserve more scrutiny and attention.
I definitely recommend energy and food independence from the government/ industry/ banking / and kosher cabal.
I know a lot about hygrocarbon farming
We grow hygrocarbon energy- microbes in Marcellus shale deposits
Free and renewable
There is more than we can ever use - however legislation and funding prohibits any further development.
It’s a shame we let “ THEM” rule us as they are going to sell us to Chinese and East Indian investors- watch how
From motels to personal homes - rentals
From mini marts to everything
It’s an easy thing with briks crypto already established
They are knocking Y/T down a notch - free Mason video about india was odd too.
They will use blacks to scare most into asking them for more protection -
This crypto currency cannot be good on any level
What will it take to wake our own up to cooperate and engineer an independent logistical solution?

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ConorMcCormack 14 days ago

@Richard Strach: Revelations I suppose. The return of the Anointed One, The Almighty in the flesh with swords in his mouth.
Most still sleep and are happy as long as the football games are still on. Interesting days ahead. Never sellout to the antichrist anyways. Take the guillotine like a man if things keep going this way, is what I say

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 14 days ago

Ireland has had it bad for decades- as long as I can remember, maybe back to 1800 .
Why ?
There is a lot to Ireland and Germany
Someone doesn’t want the real historical facts available as to who these people are and their origins.
I believe there is a correlation between Post Cromwell and what later became the Illuminati
As if they do have a long term plan .
I don’t think things can get better - entropy alone would be difficult enough.
Economics is a great indicator of the intentions .
Ireland is the only place that should Go Green
That environmentalism is nothing more than an excuse for poverty
Like mocking Jesus and saying let’s make believe that our industrial base is ruining the planet so individuals can’t have air conditioning or anything for that matter.
It seems more narcissistic than for economic or political issues.
Revenge- revenge for what Jesus did on the cross
It really does
A mockery
Hopefully- Adolf - The NS and Germanic people didn’t die in vain and bought us some future leverage?
Maybe - I keep thinking about that and searching - what could have happened then - that gave us something tangible to invest in?
It’s freezing here in Pennsylvania right now
They got new laws about emergency highway conditions that don’t seem to have to do with weather only - these regulations appear to be in step phases and can apply to OTHER ISSUES?
Tier vehicle and road formula
Very articulate and specific for a snow storm

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san_nicola 15 days ago

I want muh, i want muh, i want muh hamdulela...

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 15 days ago

yes it's niggers, they are a curse... that said this is also how they will sell "just shop online" and have it brought to you then you will not have to "worry about it"..... i work in retail (sorry to say) and we have had to close several "sections' of products due to nigger theft and that is in small White towns. i can not imagine people with my job working in the big cities. insanity given to us by the jew and their hordes

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nimblehorse 15 days ago


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GottMitUns 15 days ago

I know robbing is nothing new to the negro BUT ever since BLM the big gang looting is more prevalent and also that you just must let them walk out with items rather than confront them is just going to lead to these store closing. If the video played for you the negros interviewed said the store was always busy but of course one reasoned that they were intentionally starving the black man lol. NO it is the black man starving the black man.

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 15 days ago

@nimblehorse: Correct !!!
I said that I. 1978
The CFR trilateral commission was established to do just that

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 15 days ago

@GottMitUns: to some extent your correct , however , I work in the food relocation industry- the blacks are the only ones in the meat processing industry, and most warehousing, it’s hard work 3 shifts per day and it took decades for us to get along . I admit a lot of punks and thugs are out there - however what about the ones who worked decades and are now in their 60s ready to retire and now this ?
Wal- mart is a big purchase client
As is Redners , Weis and US Foods - are they to follow wal mart ?
Is this Petrodollars collapse? Then blame blacks as they will suffer the immediate consequences?
Another set up ? JWO
Did you know- Jews get private refrigeration trailers - container units delivered to synagogues , dry goods too
Maybe we should consider the same
I did try to sell the idea to many , including oil and gas
Private - warehouses are available to rent
I suggest using petrodollars now , exchange for real assets before the market collapse

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Richard Strach
Richard Strach 15 days ago

Petrodollars going down , Putin dollars- Briks - crypto currency- East Indians will have MOST TO GAIN - as banks call in notes
East Indian has stores - hotels- will buy American homes and rent them as Hotel industry
Buy stock as wal mart closes and sell products
East Indian is a briks nation
Like USA in Germany 1946 bought up collapsing deuchmarks and land - rented apartments to the surviving German pop and then sold to Jews later.
USA is going get cut up into county oligarchs- Jews - 1000 city states - as they deliberately destroy the blacks working force and sell gated communities to white AND East Indian investors —free masons HEROS , will ensure a desirable transition

Excuse me I gotta check in with the blacks to unload this trailer full of lettuce 🥬
Ya really

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