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Way Back Machine - Intermission Time at the Drive In

Published on 25 Mar 2022 / In Entertainment

Gotta love the fact there were no Negros in the ads back then. There is something to be said for 'the good old days'.

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BrantfordNews 3 months ago

It's hurts to watch the good old days.

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Venresswolfe 3 months ago

Yeah , and the negros wouldn't dare waltz on through a White neighborhood.

You know, Jewish subversives in the United States political system aka "communists"

implemented laws that ended segregation.

It makes me think about a story a retired police officer once shared with me. ( I use to work at a full service gas station and the old retired folks would love to strike up a story or two now & then).

The retired officer -

reminisced about the good ole days of segregation, and how the negro knew his place. ( Unlike today) but that didn't do anything to stop groups of White women having a taste of black men. He went on to describe how he pulled up on a parked car sitting there at a family park closed that evening.

He exclaimed , that he walked along the side of the car and flashed his light inside the back seat , then before his eyes was a negro with a horse size cock pulling out of this petite White woman.

I asked him , " was this a regular occurrence?"to which he nodded his head , and said it happened quite a bit unfortunately.

So the Jews / negros / & bleeding heart White women (who divulged in the tabboos at the time) we're creating an environment for the fall of the White man. Women's rights , feminism etc....

Now here we are.....

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RedLady 3 months ago

As a White woman, I am aware how fickle other White women can be. In addition, I agree how the madness of feminism has negatively impacted the family and is a continued threat to its future. I'm also well aware the nefarious Jew is at the helm and hell-bent on the destruction of the White race. I'll support my White brothers till my last breath.

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