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We will kill everything White in sight

Published on 01 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

peaceful and non violent demonstration

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This incoherent monkey jargon is quite amusing

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WhiteMiasma 4 months ago

DEATH! To all you mixed-race, lowborn heathen!

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Truthload 4 months ago

I couldn't understand a word that he said 1

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Kofajgogsos 3 months ago

It's a form of mumbling the fake ass jews call ebonics .

niggers cannot articulate and form intelligible understandable english ; or any other language because #1 : they have a simian shelf aka deep row of ridges found behind their K-9s .
#2 : niggers have huge protruding boot lips .
#3 : niggers have underdeveloped speech centers - frontal lobes and cerebral cortex ; these are areas of the brain that form letters - words - sentences and coherent understandable speech and higher thought.

niggers prefer to communicate non verbally via gesticulation and carcass gyrations .

just observe them in the wild , on any south side of town and you can clearly see how they interact and exchange information to each other ; like a soul train voo doo dance of uncontrollable flailing of their extremities - skull bobbin - shrieks - mumbling - elongated claws and hoofs that will frequently lash out and scratch other apes ; they also spit hockards and viciously bite one another .

These primitive and savage collegiations often devolve into cannibalism when one of the brute beasts is attacked and starts bleeding.

The sight and scent of blood triggers a herd like response in the horde of apes and they begin to assault and savagely torture - mutilate and dismember the bleeding boot lip .

Then it's barbecue time in the hood !!

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southern1861 4 months ago

Nothing but hate. Just drop a bomb in that crowd of stupidity. Dumb stupid niggers.

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Bill Neil
Bill Neil 4 months ago

Those light skin's better paint up! So they don't get hit with friendly fire.

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