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Weather War Big Picture Geo-Engineering & Bio-Engineering - V.1

Published on 31 Mar 2022 / In Geoengineering

AND NOW THE BIG ONE. Shorter videos can sometimes have a stronger impact but this is just non stop real time illustration & explaination of the Weather War, Weather Modification / Geoengineering programs. Keep in mind this video is over a decade old! Just look at what has recently occured with the insane fires all over the planet & the current flooding in Australia! Just to name a few of the massive events we've incurred recently & ⁣consecutively. Just imagine how much more advanced & effective the technology has grown by today! March the 31st day, Year of our Lord 2022.

FUCK THE JEWS! ALL OF THEM! ALL SEMITES OUT OF ALL THE WESTERN WHITE COUNTRYS NOW! THIS INCLUDES MUDSLIMES AS WELL! Many of us share this desire & hatred appropriately. For those of our people who do not understand & believe us to just be hate mongers & bigots, if you only could see what we see & learn what we have learned you would agree with us!

For the evils outlined all over this website & illustrated in this very video are because of the very mongrels our founding fathers wrote extensively of not allowing into the New Country less they destroy it! Again this video does not name the Jew but again we all know why all this is ⁣occurring & who is ultimately responsible.

⁣卐 Gott Mit Uns America Europa Canada Australia White South Africa & the Holy Reich Sieg Heil Deus Vult Unser Seliger Adolf in Jesus Christ Amen. ϟϟ

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