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Well deserved for worshiping these Inhumans - At some Rapper's party name Future

Published on 17 Mar 2021 / In Uncategorized

Security Had To Manhandle A Woman In Front Of Future - no context of why.

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pater409 3 months ago (edited)

A fat nigger being a real macho man.

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qpDarKqp 4 months ago

Lmao that zoom in on the negros face at 0:12 xD So good. lol

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NewWorldCircus 5 months ago

These rap celebs always have bullshit drama attached to them.

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TheThinkingTree 2 months ago

and mass homosexuality... I mean they are illumanati fags.

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TheBlueMule 5 months ago

Do you hear the snickering of jew? I do. Time we separate from all black, jews and hispanics. They are not our friends and don't see us as equals.

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JamesRay 5 months ago

That was actually very mild, usually the browns t off and take their heads off, he only shoved her to the ground, and when she asked for more he still held back. The fact that she got right back up and came back for more shows it couldn't have been that bad of a shove. The type of white woman that chases browns needs a beating anyway.

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