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Western Europe vs Eastern Europe - How Western Europeans Treat Sub-Humans Compared to Eastern Europeans - Part 1

Published on 28 Mar 2021 / In Interesting

Well, I didn't make this video to laugh or make fun of my white brothers in Western Europe, I just want to motivate them to stand up to the fight against Jewish supremacy as their brothers in Eastern Europe do. Sieg Heil!

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Pete 6 months ago

ahahahahahha the last clip made me laugh ahahahhahaha

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AryanPrincess 6 months ago

Whites and all peoples have been plagued by Jews for over 5,000 years this according to

What Would Jesus Do ? "Turn Thy Other Cheek" And Get Slapped Again !

White people don't need race wars to stop this genocide problem!
The Christian religion itself has been corrupted and manipulated
this according to a Hebrew Scholar that researched the Bible
claims the wording has been changed and altered over time and
translation of different languages and was written in a way to
deceive us and to control us. Perhaps I am going to Hell for this
but this White Man's Bible Holds Truth & Great Wisdom not silly
worded stuff that makes little sense. If Jesus spoke to me what
would Jesus tell me?-
What is that Jesus you are saying we are being deceived?
The Khazars have taken the Jew identity?
The white people are the chosen ones!
But how can this be Jesus?
Why would God let this happen?
How fake Jews, the Edomites and Khazars, hijacked ‘Israel’
How's that Jesus?
Jesus came to the Lost Sheeps of Israel
(us, the white people of Europe) not the Edonites….
certainly not to the Khazars….
The NEW pact is to these people, not the ones who
claim they own the pact today. We have seen a
hijacking and direct theft of a birthright. Esau
(the red Edomite) sold his birthright. Satanic Idumaen
Jews is nothing. The birthright is Jacobs.
For awhile Europe, England, Scotland and Scandinavia
was the New Jerusalem of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.
JESUS WOULD SAY, "Because "by the fruit you shall know them" said Jesus.
I can see it how they operate. What company and friends they keep.
I can see it how they are organizing their countries.
I can hear it in their opinions, that this is not godly people of
The Lost tribes of Israel. This is satanists from the Khazarian and
or Edomite or Judah tribes, and also some fallen from Israel tribe.
The result of given away the power over our lands and societies
to ungodly satanic people, not seeing their lies and deception,
not be on guard, this is the outcome:
Jesus says, "The Synagogue of Satan use divide and
conquer successfully always… But it doesn't matter.
( God is holding his hand over the true Israel-us, the white race),
they will loose… in the end…
Thank You Jesus You Live In My Heart Always !-
This will start with DNA testing to weed these filthy demons out...

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apekillerX 6 months ago

The only solution to White genocide is extermination of the fake ass jews / SOS and their global horde of 9 billion weaponized subhuman apes - sand niggers - filthy damn asians - himalayan mongolian apes and wetbacks. It's clearly prophesied in the Scriptures. Obadiah 1:15-18

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AryanPrincess 6 months ago

The people of the world a human race a big disgrace,
look at how the Khazars are ruining this place!
They look like us and talk like us, but they are not like us!
The only thing we can do to protect the future of the White
race from another disgrace is DNA testing and weed out
this demon seed that lies and deceives, a people of Satan
that view us as their human cattle they call Goy, their evil
mission is to destroy the White race.
We must stand up and reclaim our sovereignty and our rights
a new nation we must form. A land only for Whites will then
be in our hands, no more false gods, or superstitions of a
Christian faith manipulated against us, they use against us.
A new religion we must conceive of a White Man's Bible to
learn and be free from the Jews evil tyranny.- PLEASE READ AND LEARN MORE:
This will start with DNA testing to weed these filthy demons out...

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DDoubleDD 6 months ago

Every time I see a video of European victims of violent gimmegrants, I hope it's these brain dead virtue signalers that cheerlead their arrival into their homelands.

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