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What Are You Gonna Do About IT ? says potential wife material . I'm Gonna be Really Hurt and Sad says Genetic Dead End

Published on 14 Feb 2022 / In Homo / LGBTQP Agenda

⁣Grown adult has meltdown over being misgendered. It’s a mental disorder

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WhiteNight 12 days ago

a melt down??? hardly...., well, the melt down would be if this creature would tripped on edge of top of sears tower and dive straight down into the concrete LOL

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twistedjoker 2 months ago

This women is crazy she must be on drugs flipping out over such crap what dose she want to be called a idiot or a retard ?

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WhiteMiasma 3 months ago

Would a man cry - dude?

This woman, after 39 lashes, should be forced into a dress, forced to grow her hair out to at lease 2 feet and forced to take 100+ hours of homemaking classes PER WEEK! Then we'll arrange the marriage.

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Hornet26 3 months ago


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BasedAndAwake 3 months ago

are those crocodile tears or is "heshe" high?

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