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What did Jesus Look Like by Peter Hammond

Published on 03 Mar 2023 / In Bible / Sermons

You can find good page on sermon audio here, if interested.


He's a white from South Africa. He is also on a few EuroFolk Radio broadcasts.

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The Golden Age
The Golden Age 25 days ago

Actually, no. Isaiah prophecized three messiahs. Jesus, then Hitler (the sword), then the Deliverer who reunites the tribes.

There are no contradictions in the scripture and the prophets. Jesus was seen in a vision describing his hair color, skin color, and eye color.

But satan has transformed into an angel of light. Truth is, it is a bloodline, and salvation is of that bloodline, not of Jesus alone. Jesus was the salvation for his tribe, and through that tribe the rest of the tribes, and some wild branches of gentiles.

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