If you come onto my website saying you are going to commit a mass shooting I delete you on the spot, End of story. Also those passing around "Lists" that state that members here are Non-White or Bad People, You are gone. I will not stand for either behavior on this website moving forward into the future, Danke

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What does it mean to be a White man

Published on 05 May 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣What does it mean to be a White man

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Roy Benthall
Roy Benthall 16 days ago

We are supposed to live in a patriarchal society. I get sick of men suggesting that as a bad thing.

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tomtruther 11 days ago

Or in this case suggesting that is not a thing at all. In general in two-person home a child is going to have more face time with the mother. Especially if you're in the age range of 30 +. But seriously how much of that time when mom is preparing dinner or lunches in the morning or driving to school is dedicated to creating a manly man. LOL

When a boy is in his very beginning stages of puberty he consciously or subconsciously start seeking out male role models. Whether it's his father or a combination of his father and other positive adult men in his Spear of influence the boy seeks a model to shape his life.

If a mother goes out of her way to intervene in that and try to shape the boy her way that's when we run into problems. A man can't learn how to be a man from a woman any more than a woman can learn how to be a woman from a man. It's more Jewish nonsense the boys don't need male role models just more control by women.

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Roy Benthall
Roy Benthall 11 days ago

@tomtruther: Im a father of 2 adults, you're right and wrong. None of which applies to what I'm saying . Not really. Society as a whole is intended to be ran by men. A patriarch. Not that all matriarchal societies are bad. I just hear young men say stupid shit like," we gotta fight the patriarch man...." all the time. Most people in general don't know what they are even saying.

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twistedjoker 16 days ago

The jew and the feminist has caused the propaganda that white men are evil but nigger men and spic men are hero's and dykes are hero's it is disgusting and we as white men need to unite and fight back

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RossdeB 16 days ago

Good timing, well said with a superb punchline!

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16 days ago

Good rant for the most part. Just don't be apologetic. The biggest piece of advice I can give a man to free himself from the JWO brainwashing is to understand that women are not men's equal and nothing they say really matters because in the big picture because this is a man's world. All the authority and responsibility falls on us. A man who bases his happiness on the opinions and rules of women will never be happy because their mind is ever changing. Seek approval and advice only from other men.

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