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What Happens When a Bimbo Has Too Many Disco Bikkies

Published on 25 Jul 2021 / In Entertainment

Something about dicks, apparently.

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Whipsaw 2 months ago

Hahahaha that was hilarious!

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NewWorldCircus 2 months ago

There are ALOT of youtube channels talking about the decline of dating.

These channels discuss how things are supposed to be as far as dating, and marriage is concerned.

One thing I have noticed that these channels will not touch, and to my knowledge have not touched; THE JEWS, the State of Israel.

Alot of these youtubers run patreon for their live streams.
They talk about the superficial symptoms of the issue at hand.
They talk about how "these women are nuts these days, MGTOW forever".
Stupid bullshit like that.

Then, the youtuber guy running his livestream says, "yea, I know Joe778, these women are ratchet af hahaha thanks for the donation".

It fucking pisses me off.

These clowns wouldn't dare bring up the JEWS, or the State of Israel on Youtube.
Obviously, Youtube is JEW ran, and owned.

This chick is a by-product of the filthy JEWS plans to wipe denigrate our nation into rubble.
Using Radical Feminism propaganda.
Racial warfare propaganda.
The NIGGER animal to sick on the whites, and Asians.
The LGTQB nazis, harshly condemning anyone who doesn't want to see their own son become a faggot.

This chick right here drank the "I don't need no man, I can suck as much cock as I'd like to. And, after I'm done having fun there will be a 6ft5in tall man, with a strikingly handsome appearance waiting to sweep me of my feet, and house me in his mansion for the rest of my days, even though I'm 35".

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momento 2 months ago

Perfectly put. You hit the nail on the head. Society has given women the feeling that they can do that and have the dream as well by hearing the repeating chant that women are empowered now by winning court cases of sexual misconduct and being promoted in their jobs in big companies etc.... The women take this feeling and power and run with it and expect positive outcomes because of it but time always ages your skin and hair and makes you less fertile. That's a constant but they don;t seem to think about that. Meanwhile, men are looking for fertile, attractive women. The 2 things won't meet.

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HereAmI 17 days ago

So what you are saying is a slightly more long-winded version of what the MGTOW guys are saying.
So if they are saying bullshit, so are you.
And what pisses me off is when boneheads like you bring the word "nazis" into their ranting.
Grow up sonny.

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NewWorldCircus 17 days ago

MGTOW is not the answer.

3rd world countires will occupy American land and force their sick values.

MGTOW is bullshit.

The only answer is to take our courts back.

Hang the JEW ran judges.

Hang the JEW ran politicians.


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HereAmI 17 days ago


MGTOW is part of the answer, as it re-establishes the proper relationship between the sexes, ie women are given their marching orders., and are no longer cowered in front of like you do.
Additional acts are of course what you suggest wrt jew scum.

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TheRebelliousMeatPuppet 2 months ago (edited)

OMFG, What the fuck did I just watch? That bitch is fuckin crazy. Women that hate men and penis? That is truly a perversion of nature. Only way to fix that is to fuck her until she's dick drunk and cum drunk. It's a real thing and it can fix this perversion in her mind.

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Bond0077 2 months ago

This reminds of that Bill Hicks joke about MC Hammer

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Allophylian 2 months ago

Man is she gonna regret this in a few years

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