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⁣What is Tucker Carlson Trying to tell us about the Fake Joe Biden?

Melissa Lev
Published on 05 Jul 2021 / In News & Politics
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mikaowx3 2 months ago (edited)

Biden is a 100% jew puppet. JB's lips wouldn't move without the owners permission. The word from the old fairytale book; LORD in hebrew and arabic is BA'AL to this day means "owner"

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Freedom 2 months ago

I find the alternate eyes more interesting. He literally had a second set of demon eyes appearing. Totally possessed of demons.

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HereAmI 2 months ago

JB is almost as credible as the ISS "astronauts."
If you look around his "team", you see that they are ALL jews.

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Zenith26 2 months ago

This becoming famous "Carlson Voice" sounds like a 60's Thunderbirds/Stingray puppet, not by accident. It's not what these fake shills talk about, it's what they DON'T talk about which gives them away.

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HereAmI 2 months ago

I think I'd rather have Parker as Pres than Joe.
The VP could be Lady Penelope too.
Maybe it was all predictive programming.

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IdahoBen 2 months ago

He is some guy in a mask, sometimes a hologram, sometimes CGI. We are witnessing the last gasp of civilization.

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