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What Jews really think about YOU (ethnically non Jewish People)

Published on 26 Dec 2020 / In Judaism / Talmud

Dr David Duke.

THEY boast about it, but if YOU mention it, you're an "anti-Semitic" Nazi.

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Savage99 7 months ago

The very worst of peoples are those brain dead worshippers of the foreign Abrahamic sandland cult of Christ that was forced upon the White races of Europe circa AD 300 by the Sun worshipping Roman emperor Constantine at the urging of his Jew advisers to destroy the White cultures and undermine the unifying authority of the Druids. The King James bible version II was heavily edited by two Jews to instruct the idiots to support Jews at all costs. This is why these chattel send millions of dollars to Israel every year. These are the same vermin that actively fight against all that is White and good.
NO sandland cult should even exist within a White nation.

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