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What Really Going On - A Plausible Theory

Published on 16 Oct 2021 / In Uncategorized

from my bitchute channel
I shared this because this may be their evil plan...
AND I do not know if he is jewish... so please don't ask.

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vanillaexplosion 2 months ago

Just like the US government turned our social security numbers into universal identification numbers. The vaccination ID cards/passports could easily be expanded. Its like with smartphones, I don't own one, and I could not buy a hard ticket or even a printable ticket to a concert right before this pandemic started. Only way I could get a ticket was a QR code that would be sent to a smartphone after the purchse was made, so I stayed at home.

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Pɪʀᴀᴛᴇ Pᴇᴛᴇ

I have a cellphone but only use it for texting my family, it stays on airplane mode 99% of the time. Plus I often leave it at home when I go out.

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1933HWR1945 2 months ago

This is the plan. They haven't hidden it at all. Question is, how do we circumvent/stop the plan?

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Joel 2 months ago

WHY does the system HAVE TO collapse?? It DOESN'T. It could go on like this forever and and ever. It's all based on paper fucking lies anyways,...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,....But, because people are made to believe it can collapse (Through countless manipulations) they're completely willing to give,..............from what I'm seeing now, just about anything to feed the lies and keep them going.......................And there's this certain ''group'' of people right,...(people say it's not all of them, but, it is all of them) and they wrote this series of books. Now, ALL these books say that some ''god'' thinks they're special. And man,....have they got the fucking world shitting it's pants over a couple of these books,....and it's ALL just a bunch of shit to scare people and control them. . This same group has also created a literal universe on the ''screen'',...that the whole fucking world believes is somehow real,..Hahahahahaha. There's like ''conspiracy'' rumours and shit,....that the SAME people inventing all this shit and fucking everybody over with it,.....well, some ''think'' it's the same people doing all the money ''magic''. Fucking RETARDS ''Believe'' in ''economy'',....and ALL that BULLSHIT.

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Maverick331 2 months ago

Ponzi screams always collapse in on themselves the cash eventually loses all value

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