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what really happenned to flight mh-370

Published on 10 Sep 2021 / In Conspiracies

under the radar 537-555

⁣about the author ⁣
one record-smashing night in his exploding hockey career, boyd anderson went
from 'the best line in junior hockey' to an international playoff team of
champions from zug, switzerland. after creating a huge sale to saudi arabia,
boyd moves from toronto to budapest to dubai and unknowingly finds himself at
the 'top of the food chain'. it is in dubai, 2007 where he meets thomas who
introduces him into a world of deception and unimaginable power weilding elite,
hyper-competitive deal-makers and hungry profiteers, who trade entire lives
just as easily as they swapped arena tickets and team contracts, behind the
scenes of business , governments and politicians you've heard of. but
when cnn announced “malaysian airlines flight mh370 has disappeared” on a march
morning in 2014, boyd immediately blurted out, “i know who did this.”
horrified, he became an investigator, using his highly toned instincts and
perception, along with his memory. backed up with facts, he saw all the pieces
coming together, realizing that hundreds of lives lost were just 'collateral
damage' for a 55,500 ton gold heist. even worse, using ancient numerology and
researching the main players introduced to him from a nearly-forgotten contact
who had described a plan for just how bitcoin, political turmoil in europe and
the middle east, and even the world's economy would play out -- drastically
changing the world as we know it, in just a few years. after spending 3 years
investigating and researching, boyd discovered 3 abandoned boeing jumbo 747's
left on the tarmac at kuala lumpur airport, he finally figured things out.
unable to escape the feeling that all the signs were in place for a scandal
that's bigger than watergate, now everyone needs to know the truth regarding
the origin of bitcoin, ethereum, monero & etc classic, the blockchain,
kraken, brexit, isis, interest rate hikes -- and the biggest gold
heist-assassination in the history of the world!

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Lawi 2 days ago

9 = Fake News Event
11 = Physical Assets involved

Why is the Emergency number to call within US INC 911?


Do you play the Lottery? The lone winning ticket for the $425 million Powerball Jackpot was sold in Northern California, the largest lottery jackpots in U.S. history. [11]

In NYC on January [9th], 2013 a Ferry crashed into Pier [11], 343 passengers were on board.
Coincidence? Number of Firemen claimed to have perished on 9/11 (343).

9/11 Memorial, claims 2983 men and women died that day. [11 11]

Here's insight into Flight MH370
WHY? to promote Fake Satellites looking for the LOST plane.

"plane climbs to 45,000 feet before [9]
"disappear from civilian radar while at 36,000 feet" [9]

"The plane was carrying 227 passengers" [11]

"Malaysian civil aviation said 34 planes and 40 ships were searching" [11]

"Freescale Semiconductor, says it had 12 Malaysian and 8 Chinese employees on Plane." [11]

"pilot has more than 18,000 flying hours" [9]
"The first officer, 27-year-old" [9]

"..the search now includes 11 countries that the plane may have flown over.."

"Australian Maritime Safety Authority said it had to pull back all 11 planes scheduled to take part in the search"

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Ricsi 4 days ago

23mm calibre not 33mm, more bullshit.

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Ricsi 4 days ago

55000 TONS OF GOLD ??? bULLSHIT, maybe 55 tons but no way 55000.

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mikaowx 6 days ago (edited)

i am not doubting for a second the "overlords" meaning the super rich have orchestrated plunders like this but this guy would have long been buried if the story was true.

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solvermist 5 days ago

not necessarliy, one needs proof and in person testemonials for validation. and they know that.

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mikaowx 5 days ago (edited)

@solvermist: Yeah since he claims he has a deep insight he might have proof or contact information and that would pose danger to the perpetrators. When he goes on book advertising tour someone might pick up on the trails and they might start snooping around. Nevertheless I find this rather suspicious.

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