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Published on 11 Jun 2021 / In Uncategorized

⁣Student Asks Teacher Why Straight Kids Can't Have A Gay, Unicorn Cupcake, Teacher Calls Him A Straight Jerk, Butthead And Weasel
Watch as this 6th-grade teacher in Springfield MO bullies a boy who asked why straight kids weren't allowed to have her "unicorn cupcakes." The teacher screams that the student is an "ignorant," "straight jerk," "weasel," "dip" & "butthead.

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devnly 1 month ago

or ugly fat douchebags

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NewWorldCircus 1 month ago

I remember when I was in middle school my Literature teacher apparently was arrested, and fired from the school.

Apparently, the school staff found child porn on his computer.
The computer he had in his classroom.

Don't know if it was true, or not.
But, I am not a fan of public schooling.
The teachers don't really care about their students.

How many times has been bullying been brushed under the rug by a public school system until the kid hangs himself????

It's a common occurrence.

These teachers don't care about the kids.

Their logic is, "well, it's not my kid, so I don't really care what they do".

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life_without_niggers 1 month ago

Eating all her High fructose corn syrup poison with her mask on . IDIOT

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Whipsaw 2 months ago

And when it comes time to talk to adults after school she can’t hide from facts using passive aggressive cupcakes for cover.

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anomaly 2 months ago

That is completely inappropriate for a teacher to be rewarding students for their sexuality. It should not even be discussed in any capacity or be a reasoning factor in any decisions made by faculty. This bitch needs to be fired. Everyone call that school and complain.

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life_without_niggers 2 months ago

Sexuality has no place in a classroom. Back in my day we wore uniforms and had discipline . This is complete mental illness insanity and I think she is mentally ill.

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