What was it like in the Gulag? Interview with a survivor.

Published on 21 Nov 2022 / In Jewish Genocides

⁣Interview with one of the last living survivors of the Gulag: Ivanna Maszczak, who was sent to the notorious region of Kolyma. Before the interview, Giles Udy gives an introduction to the Gulag. And after the interview, there are questions from the audience. The event is introduced by James Bartholomew, director of the Museum of Communist Terror. It took place in a church in London in late 2021.
Ivanna was quite frail and English was not her first or even her second language. So sometimes it might be hard to make out what she is saying. However, James Bartholomew often repeats what she has said and the event gradually turns into a a poignant description of courage, endurance and even humour.


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LeftismIsPureEvil 13 days ago

Cry and bitch about the "holocaust" and censor everything possible while acting like the over 120 million murdered by commies was just a small mistake and give full rights to communists in power. - Average normie

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chopchip2023 13 days ago

thanks for posting

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