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when-comedy-was-allowed-to speak

Published on 06 Dec 2022 / In Comedy

Rotten Politics #odysee

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cracker 2 months ago

he came close, all he had to do was name the jew

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UninformedConsent 2 months ago

I'm guessing he realized that and didn't want the JFK haircut.

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Dragon Fox
Dragon Fox 2 months ago

Carlin was actually a puppet of the Jews:

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IsraelIsChristian2 2 months ago

Fuck carlin

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MeineEhre 2 months ago

Second that, fuck Carlin. He said that there's too many white people in the world and blacks are coming to get their stuff back eventually lol. What stuff lol?

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Bill 2 months ago

@MeineEhre: you beat me to it, that clip is the only carlin clip in my library, fuck you george.

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WhiteWinger 2 months ago

@MeineEhre: i dont know what he really thought, but he was sitting in Aspen in extreme luxury when he said it, and i doubt he would have preferred to be in a ghetto with niggers. He also said "they're coming in their war canoes" which was a clear stab at their IQ and lack of development. There's bizarre shit that goes on behind the scenes in entertainment, and these guys have big egos, too. When norm McDonald roasted bob faggot, someone told him to be brutal, so he went out and told dad jokes. Not sticking up for carlin, but I'm willing to bet there's more to that clip than the clip. Anywhere like Aspen is a liberal jewish cespool, and he was probably told what to say, so he said it in the most ridiculous way possible with a stab about the nature of subhumans.

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MeineEhre 2 months ago

@WhiteWinger: I feel like Carlin was probably surrounded by communist Jews most his life. We know all of comedy is pretty much run by the Jews, so maybe he sold out and adopted Marxist goals to be more appreciated and for more opportunities.

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nimblehorse 2 months ago

hes a jew
Karlin-Stolin (Hasidic dynasty)

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