As advertised a few months back I have created a new website for more of a Free Speech Atmosphere, I will no longer allow FE Theory at WT.Online but will at Truth In The World Dot Com, I will not allow FE here as per the last few months and doubt that I ever will, I Loathe it mainly because of all the infighting it brings and a certain tribe is laughing at us because of it, Meanwhile they are up to the usual tricks while we squabble over something with Zero Relevance, Danke

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When The Goyim Still Doesn't Know

Published on 29 Nov 2021 / In Uncategorized

"Guess i'm just a stupid goy, huh?"

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MoonmanFloky 10 months ago

not enough cyklon for this juden scum

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FeminineRevival 10 months ago

Ugh, my boyfriend listens to him sometimes. I use nationalist videos/radio shows to calm me down in private lol

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Judenfrei 10 months ago

Creepy looking jew hobbit

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RossdeB 10 months ago

How anyone can listen to his annoying nasalised whine is a mystery to me.

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twistedjoker 10 months ago

Ben is one fucked up crazy jew he has autism you can see they way he acts speaks and will not look any one in the eye.

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