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when the jewish brain malfunctions - ben shapiro destroyed

Published on 11 Sep 2021 / In Video Vault

ben shapiro clashes with andrew neil on the bolshevik brainwashing channel.

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GHREM 7 days ago

"I asked the question",
"Let me ask you the question",
"Sir, answer my question"
"No answer my question"

Lots of questions here...I only have one, THE JEWISH QUESTION

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Fender 7 days ago

Na man Shapiro destroyed this fat boomer. Old man probably more Jewish than Benny.

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heeed 7 days ago

he showed the american kike for what he really is.a shill

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Fender 7 days ago

@heeed: how? where?

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slam 21 hours ago

@Fender: starts up about 9:15 or so. Interviewer mentions the struggle for the nation soul (etc). So is Ben for the states and their unity? Then why did Ben denounce Jews that stood by Obama? Because Obama didn't want to help Israeli policy.
Therefore, in Ben's mind, if you are Jewish, then you ought to be Zionist. Ben ran away because the characterization bit. and realizing that he was being led into a laid trap; that he stands by a brutal zionist regime that see the Palestinians as goyim to be slaughtered and that his allegiance was with Israel.

@heeed he is not a shill. A shill is someone who is pretending to be something he is not. Ben is a straight up kike zionist. On the other hand, there are shills among us, who are trying to obstrucate the masses via media, even on this site.

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