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Where Did You Get What You Think You Know

Published on 29 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

⁣Most people will never ask themselves these questions. Most people are content living a lie or believing that which is untrue, because they're comfortable with it or it make them feel 'good".

Applied Knowledge IS Power! Self-Education is the Key!!

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DillenShards 2 months ago

the world has long awaited one who will push the boundaries... and you are needed RMP!

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Did you see my DM's to you?

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Stevelethal92 2 months ago

Definitely guilty of the mental masturbation. I've been doing lots of inner work over the last few years. You've been a great help to me and many others here I'm sure. Thank you for still being here Keith.

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AmericanKozak 2 months ago

I know you've done a lot of psychedelics and I have a question, how many experiences have you had with jester or clown like beings with dazzling black and white patterns? I've stumbled upon some information which may be a key to understanding the vaccine situation, which I no longer believe is about a mass culling.
I'm starting to think this vaccine situation is how the cult wants to establish infrastructure within peoples bodies for the purposes of transhumanism when really its setting those that survive up to become antennaes for the malevolent beings across the veil, which seem to have been the spirits that animated the Nephilim.
All the zombie related predictive programming, the black goo. Something about the Pompeii music video by Bastille is very fucking unsettling and horrifying on such a deep level to me.

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I've never has an experience with a Jester or Clown type being or creature. If I did, I'd tell you. Never been part of my experiences.

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Check 2 months ago

Taking an observation deck and that's it. There is no free-will or choice. The hive mind psychology and behavior is enough to ruin anyone who is not a part of it, especially a child. Vaccines, Radio Frequencies, Radiation, Indoctrination, Law. This entire system on the S-UR-FACE is a slave system. ''You own nothing and you'll be happy'' as if that has not been the case for centuries now. People have screwed up their priorities, it's not about your house or a car, it is about your ability to have a meaningful connection with people. Sheep can do it, birds can do it, everything that we call an animal can, except humans. Everything in nature knows exactly what to do, except us.

This has to be a farm(slaughter house) and no it's not about the fucking money because if it were, no one would have shit. It is precisely the money and material things which are used as one of the mechanisms to enslave, to separate. This rabbit hole does not have an exit side to it. Above all of this bullshit there has to be a 4d-7d realm which is simply unaware of our needs or problems, they(it) look at us as we look at ant's, the very best case scenario. The worst, we are their emotional battery - tampon, something of that kind.

What kind of lessons can I learn here? What would my purpose be? to learn that everyone is an idiot? To suffer each and every day?

I am slowly trying out every angle and like I've said, it is mostly an observation deck at this point. I don't know shit, my brain is turned off, I do not have any original thought or ideas and if at any point I did, it has got beaten out of me.

A lot of work has been done, however only recently I see every single one of my actions and thoughts as a pre-loaded construct.

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Well said. I don't disagree, I see a few things from a bit of a different angle but that's what makes even us awakened folks unique.

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XavierOctavia 2 months ago

Wow, I feel the same.

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Atlas Castaneda
Atlas Castaneda 2 months ago

Well-put again ... needs to go viral, but of course, it won't anytime soon. It's too advanced and evolved info.

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