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Where is Flight 93?

Published on 07 Sep 2020 / In 911

United Airlines Flight 93 supposedly crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001. The most likely scenario is that the plane was meant to have crashed into Building 7 at the WTC, hence it being wired to come down like towers 1 and 2. Something went wrong on Flight 93 though, maybe the passengers fought back against the patsies and it had to be shot down or a pilot went rogue, going against the orders of Cheney and brought the plane down, but after the crash they decided to pull the building as post 9/11 investigations would have revealed that the building was wired for demolition.

Song by GMM
There is no here, here

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XOTFAJ100 12 months ago

What i would like to know , is what ever happened to all the passengers , on all the planes , that were supposed to be involved with 911 ??

To this day , i haven't seen any videos , that give a credible narrative of what happened to all the people , on all those planes ; only theories or speculation.

Where are those people / passengers ???

I want to know !

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LeviathanRuse 11 months ago

No planes, no passengers.

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Just go look up operation Northwoods.

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iamfjk 2 years ago

Never found the black box - no engine parts -no dead bodies - no wreckage except for a few bogus pieces deposited by the fbi and or other hijacked and corrupted ZOG agencies . The same exact scenario took place in New York and the twin towers and the pentagon. I smell a big fat den of sewer rats from shitrael !!

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mrdevlin 2 years ago

A plane spotter saw it land on 9/11 he took the tail number and it taxied off to a military section of the airport !

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SeekinYah 2 years ago

"Official" story is on par in legitimacy terms with this pure theatre.
Great video. Any idea what the music is?

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AppalachianAmerican 2 years ago

"There Is No Here, Here" - Ugress -

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