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Where were the 'physicists' on 9/11?

Published on 15 Sep 2022 / In 911

"⁣Researchers claim that the smoking gun of 9/11 was World Trade Center 7. What happened to it seems straight forward to an impartial observer when compared side by side with other buildings that came down in a similar way: controlled demolition. The question to ponder this anniversary is why weren’t the famous mathematical ‘physicists’ interviewed as expert witnesses on what caused the building to disintegrate."


⁣And why don't people like Perterson ask about the famous physicists to this day?

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Westley93 5 months ago

Intense fires and huge derby from twin towers caused WTC7 to collapse! case closed!

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BasedAndAwake 6 months ago

none of these experts even questions the moon landing. They are all shills!

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DTGKSonofGod 7 months ago

Those experts weren't available because it would have threatened the msm fake ass jew narrative !

It doesn't matter how much truth and evidence are accumulated and documented ; those fake ass jews control information - banks and all the courts !

That is the core reason why , their is no such thing as : ""JUSTICE "" In any White Nation ..... anymore !!!

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ytrebiLeurT 7 months ago

I think we should ask these physicists why they didn't say anything...

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mikaowx3 6 months ago (edited)

@ytrebiLeurT: These ziochristians and jews posing as white nationalists and NSDAP fans make me laugh. It screams from miles who they are when they start uttering their lies.

There has never been justice in this world and no religion is gonna change that. It's embedded in human nature. Only the illusion of justice was maintained until they decided to destroy the current order and rename it once again as was done many times throughout history Plutocracy never changes only taking up a new label. We jailed the miserable shop lifter and let the big boys get away with any capital crime. Jews are using this to their advantage against us and share some of the booty they loot collectively. They and their minions are the plutocracy now. Real Justice is patient wise and often invisible.

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ytrebiLeurT 6 months ago

@mikaowx3: Yes, you are undoubtedly right, I see it the same way...

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