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White Army Rangers SMOKED Some niggers in 1989!!!

Published on 11 Oct 2022 / In History

⁣Sgt. Bill Foulk was an Army Ranger at Fort Lewis, Washington, when he purchased a cheap house in a rough Tacoma neighborhood as an investment in 1989.

Foulk grew concerned that a house on Ash Street, his block, was infested with gang activity. He purchased his own house for $10,000 ($20,875 in 2019 dollars), with the idea that property values would rise.

He began to videotape the people who visited the suspected drug house. He wasn't wrong. The occupants were members of the Crips, the violent street gang that was spreading from California to Washington in search of new markets for drugs.

Foulk told The Associated Press that gang members began to threaten him when they noticed he was filming their movements. When he feared that the gang was about to take action against him, he called friends from the 2nd Ranger Battalion to his house to have a "BBQ" and be present in case the house was attacked.

Just after the Rangers arrived on Sept. 23, 1989, some 15 to 20 gang members began to shoot up the 32-year-old's house while his buddies were inside. Luckily, the Rangers had brought their own personal weapons to the BBQ. The Crips were surprised when their would-be victim's house began to return fire and ran for their lives.


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