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White girl explains Bilderberg conference

Published on 24 Jun 2022 / In Geoengineering

Tuned in white girl explains how the elite's annual meeting works.

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1989or1989 27 days ago

White Woman pussy is nice

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NewWorldCircus 1 month ago

Remember it ..

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CroatianFascist 2 months ago


In short,builder mountain.Meaning freemasonic mountain,its "meeting of the freemasonic tops." By tops not the ones who see,but the ones who are controlled by the ones who see.

Hope it makes sense.Even tho the langage barrier is somewhat visible here.

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Schmetterling 2 months ago

No language barrier. Perfectly stated. Their religion is the same too. The battle between the darkness and the light. Lucifer and Christianity. Except they inverted it. To them WE are the darkness.

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nonstopwarfare 2 months ago

death to all philanthropists, this won't even require a trial, if they appointed themselves the title "philanthropist" it will be an immediate death sentence.

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