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Who Brought the Slaves to America - Jewish Role in Slavery

Louis Marschalko
Published on 10 Feb 2022 / In Slavery

⁣Most Slaves In America Were White.
⁣The white slaves not indentured, who began to arrive here in 1618, included hundreds of children – – waifs and strays – – who had been rounded up from streets of London to serve wealthy farmers in Virginia.Other slaves came from the ranks of the homeless and the poor, whom King James I held responsible for spreading the plague, and from England’s swelling prison population.The scheme was supported by James I, who believed the homeless and itinerant of London were spreading plague.Of the first 300 white slaves to land in Virginia, only 12 managed to survive four years. The others died of ill treatment, disease, attack by native Americans or overwork.Contemporary records show that one child victim, Elizabeth Abbott, was beaten to death when her master ordered her to be given 500 lashes for running away.

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