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Who Really Wanted War

Published on 01 May 2022 / In HoloHoax / WW1 & WW2

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Messerschmit2 5 months ago


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jimmyhugo 5 months ago

Hitler may have become somewhat crazy because of his quick ascension, surviving the ambush where him and his men were fired upon, surviving ww1, being given a short sentence and released on december 20th, and the ultimate adoration he received from the german people. with sailing vessels extinct and fuel war ships any country across the globe could attack another country. hitler could not have foreseen the semitic supremacy uniting the us and russia against him however the us did enter the war to finish off germany in ww1. with all due respect to the italians italy was a joke imo militarily speaking at that time and japan did not seem to be integral until they took on the us at the end of the war. it is just so tragic what could have been especially considering the state of the world and most of the countries involved now that it is 2022. 88 and unlimited respect to that german generation who gave up nice lives to try and stop the semitic supremacy.

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Messerschmit2 5 months ago

I think about this everyday.
Your correct

The bad guys won
The new Christians refuse to repent and are useful idiots for the NWO JwO WEF BIS IMF FCs
It’s a real massive shame

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twistedjoker 5 months ago

When i was younger every one said the jew started the war only the jew loving brainwashed American hicks loved the Allies and raged against the Axis most people from Europe and Russia that came to America said FDR was a jew Churchill was a jew and Stalin was a Jew puppet married to a jew. that Hitler and Mussolini and Franco where great men fighting for the gentiles

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Messerschmit2 5 months ago

My neighbor Micky fought for USA in Normandy invasion
He said his battalion where fools and the French fought the USA soldiers harder than the Germans!!!
Micky turned down all invitations, medals of honor and guest speaker appearances- parade guest and stuff.
He said after 4 years combat, 2 training
39 -45
The war sucked and was totally wrong, only because the financial crash of 1933 - 1939 in USA- people just wanted jobs and didn’t care about who was right or wrong.

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