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Why History Keeps Repeating Itself

Published on 13 Mar 2022 / In Jewish Question


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jooton 9 months ago

The TV/Media should be considered a weapon of mass destruction it leads sheep down these paths over and over again. in fact prior to the covid hoax I thought people could be enlightened and with enough information they will find the truth.

we today have the ability to retrieve astronomical amounts of information via our finger tips in minutes or less, and still people will not think for them self's they in a school yard fashion default to the power structure even white people are terrible regarding this issue.

which is the reason why during the covid hoax I realised that the only way forward is to completely destroy the governments and all there Jewish identical and to replace it with a NS inspired system and this will only come about by force. unfortunately most people need to be told what to think and they will only think what the power structure tells them.

Its sad but it does not matter how much we try to show them most of the regular people just will not budge, I have discovered that even when they have no counter argument and they come around to your way of thinking, they are normally just playing along because they can no longer defend there ideas but instinctively they still trust the power structure.

which is why i think the only way to fix this is to destroy the power structure unfortunately that wont happen with the support of the masses, they will only realise after that the revolutionaries are not there enemy. but even then I suspect all there really doing is defaulting to the new power structure.

I think most people need the head of the nation to act like a farther figure that sets out there rules and boundaries. most people would not admit that but that is the way they act. so in this instance they have an abusive farther but instead of been the kinds of kids to grow up and resent them, they are the kinds of kids to double down and to tell everyone there farther is absolutely fantastic.

this might explain why we have had issues with our farther and also see the issues in the national power structure perhaps they are linked.

thank you for the video.

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Damn, I feel your pain… This is why I live far away in the woods as a very self sufficient hermit with my animals and only venture out when I have too. What REALLY helps is being around mostly White people. I live in the Whitest state in the country. Even though it’s mostly all Whites they aren’t even close to being red pilled about the filthy fucking Jews.It’s very isolating and excruciatingly frustrating knowing what we know when the majority of society doesn’t have a clue. God has a plan for us even though we are loath to live life as loners and true tellers. I think we’ve reached a very high level of spiritual growth being in these circumstances. Although it can be agonizing I’m thankful every day I’m aware of what’s really going on in the world. ❤️

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