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Why I Love Canada

Published on 20 Oct 2020 / In People & Blogs

Hey, everyone!
Just a short clip of parts of Canada, where beauty can Still be found; taken within the city. Quite the surprise. Location? ..its a mystery.. :P
**DIZZY WARNING: Unfortunately the quality is somewhat poor
**you MAY need to turn up the volume on this one... the stupid camera is so dang quiet when it records**
(Cover photo and video footage, taken by: me :) )

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Europeanflower 2 years ago

LOL. Nordic paganism in canada.

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iamfjk 2 years ago

The most Beautiful - Benevolent - Forgiving - Merciful - Caring - Inventive - insightful - intelligent - imaginative - creative and abstract cognitively genius people on earth ; both now and in the past , is the White Race !

Over 98% of all domestic and international patents , are from White European's !

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