Why jews want the fathers out of the homes

Published on 10 Dec 2022 / In Jewish Question

⁣Why jews want the fathers out of the homes

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WhiteWinger 4 months ago

Never heard that statistic before, but not surprising in the least.

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Whitefuture 4 months ago

It is just father here and woman (Vaccinated) ones put me down for home schooling being prejudice because I do not support lgbtq Or call me racist, I can't count how many times I been called a fucking idiot" for not taking the "jews jab" or stared upon by other mothers who masked their own kids while getting groceries or at a local park and....when at a park I do like it when I engage in conversations with other parents and they ask oh did your daughter just get off school. I say no I Christian home school I don't want my kid around a bunch of sick vaccinated kids staring at a rainbow fag flag by classrooms covered in perversion. The KJB has far more knowledge then anything a boy or girl would learn in 12 years of public school.

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WhiteWinger 4 months ago

It ain't easy, but you're doing the right things. Keep it up, it will pay huge dividends.

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Trey Xanthean
Trey Xanthean 4 months ago

damn she was VERY uncomfortable having to admit that women are basically not that great, at too much on their own... of course there are always exceptions to this rule i happened to have known 1 great Lady that was raised by her mother and she turned out fantastic. she was a touch promiscuous as she got older (early 20's did not last long) then finally settled down and has a beautiful family as far as i know. did not want Sisters thinking i was picking on them lol...

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AntiZionist89 4 months ago (edited)

Every woman I have tried to date that had no father present in the home while she was growing up turned out to be either a narcissist or a feminist.

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Hatbox 4 months ago

Makes sense!

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