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Why Kill the Jews When You Can Sterilize Them? (Studies in Anti-Jewology)

Published on 15 Sep 2022 / In Jewish Question

⁣End of Days 905

The Glorious Logs of the Prophet Salamandren (peace be upon him)

Season Four, Episode Eighty-Six

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san_nicola 2 months ago

So come on, find them and cut off their balls.

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"the nigger is raping your culture and te jew is standing over the bed watchinng and masturbating" yup , couldnt have said it better

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mikaowx3 3 months ago

Germany was "amalek" to them. Amalek is a tribe who came out of nowhere and attacked the jews in their mythology. The god of the jews (the rabbis) commanded the jews to fight against amalek "from generation to generation" meaning always fight whoever is attacking their world domination efforts; he continues, "kill male and female infant and suckling" meaning without distinction ruthlessly.

They never speak about why ppl attacking jews they always claim they attack for no reason.

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