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Published on 16 Jul 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

This video was banned from YouTube, all credit goes to Aaron Kasparov for this video

Aaron kasparov's bitchute channel

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Bbmaddsharp11 11 months ago

When we were first dating my now wife tried to give me the whole “she’s a victim because of student loans and credit card debt” bs. I called her on it, told her no one forced her to take those loans or spend that money. I didn’t back down, I made her cry. Now she takes responsibility for her decisions. Her debts are nearly paid off, by her. We are about to have our 2nd child. We don’t watch tv or subscribe to Netflix or any of that crap. And now, thanks to me, my woman is woke to the Jews, blacks, all the anti-whites, and our lives are a ton of work, but it’s getting better and better. I used to believe the whole nice guy, woman are magic and they love you if they sleep with you bs. My life was ruined by a shitty woman and my lack of understanding/knowledge. After I figured it out, it got much better. A lot of these women can be turned, you just need the strength to do it. You can’t treat them like they are men, but you can’t treat them like they are above you at all.

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franciscopollardo 11 months ago

If we look at dumb ass White whores, we must ask, "Who wants to have a family with such bitches?" These low class bitches don't know how to fock and take care of the man and the home. There will be few of us left as the evil consumes the entire Earth. Well, I shall fight to the end, like my brothers who joined the Germans in their fight against the Bolshevik Jews.

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Spectralwulf 1 year ago

There must be a hell of a lot of single Karens out their wanting to mommie and take care of the entire world while expecting their men-folk to foot the lion's share of the bill. They are all demands with little accountability. That's why most women should not be allowed to vote. They are ruled by emotion and not pragmatism. Women that own property and businesses should have a say since they pay a lot in taxes, but since they don't have to sign up for selective service to defend the state, most should go back to being dependents and let more level headed people do the voting.

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Steelmidnight 1 year ago

Going to link this around, and try to generate more followers. It isn't that our people don't want to stand up for themselves, brother, believe me when I say I have spoken to many people in different states, and I know that it isn't that they aren't fed up and angry at what is happening to western civilization....Its that most think their aren't enough of us who see whats going on, thanks to Jews hiding the truth of how many are awake and aware while they create the illusion that their brainwashed puppets are more numerous then they really are. If they DID have the hordes they pretend to, they wouldn't have to bus the same mobs everywhere.

Trump was problematic, in that they use him to hijack a lot of awake people, and control the opposition, but with each lie, people become more disillusioned with him. Sooner or later, our people WILL find us, and each other. I believe in us!

God bless!

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