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Why they want it illegal to question their insane stories

Published on 07 Dec 2022 / In Jewish Question


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whitepride73 4 months ago

Why the fuck would anyone with 1% brain, lather their bodies with filthy "kike soap" ?? I'd rather gas myself ( and I do, every morning - when I drop the kids off at the pool ).

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Hatbox 4 months ago

So, if jews were hated as much as jews say
they were, then it makes perfect sense that people would be falling all over themselves to get soap made from jewish fat. Of course you'd want to slather yourself with their filthy DNA. Oh, okay. 🙄

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CelticHeart 4 months ago

Exactly. Whoever washed in fat, anyway?

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dino 4 months ago

You know what your problem is? You try to think logically about jew stories. Try to think illogically about their stories and it will make perfect sense. Or better yet, try not to think at all about the logic of their story! Jew logic is too complex for us simple goyim to comprehend.

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1933HWR1945 4 months ago

@dino: Better yet, try to think like a lying, deceitful, parasite who worships satan and shekels and hates whites, then everything these fuckers do makes perfect sense.

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