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William Pierce-"We Are All One Race"

Published on 28 Nov 2022 / In Niggers
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WhiteWinger 2 months ago

The scientist of old knew:

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HisHumbleRemnant 2 months ago

Love william! Colin hope you're well! I look forward to meeting you in the can! 10 years for hate speech between the booth of us ;)

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oddwarlock 2 months ago

niggers and jews are not the same race as the rest of humanity.

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drutsohg 2 months ago

The science and studies that show the races are very different is always suppressed. This means science is now scientism, a dogmatic religion. Anything outside of canon is heresy and the offender will be canceled

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R1Nation 2 months ago (edited)

How you define a race or even a species currently is arbitrary and if you use the definition that is used for species For humans then each race is a different species. Africans are a hybrid with Homo erectus and it looks like Asians are a hybrid with neanderthal

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RossdeB 2 months ago

The sciences which measure - exactly - physics (& to an increasing degree, chemistry (!!)) - are very much apart from the increasing numbers of those pseudo (wannabe) sciences which are nothing more than opinion (and, consequently, bigotry and zealotry!).

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Iluvhitler70 2 months ago

Jews want us to believe we are all just different coats of paint on the same automobile. But these same jews don't want you to look under the hood and see that we are very different. The differences go all the way down to blood and bone. Biggest differences are in the brains. Something the niggers don't have much of. It's just a fact. Niggers are incredibly stupid and have an unquenchable thirst for sex and violence.

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