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Wishful thinking

Published on 11 Jan 2022 / In Censorship

It won't happen, but his points are spot on.

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TheDemonKing 9 days ago

The wealthy and influencial are benefiting from what is happening. They are rewarded with sex with any woman they want especially supermodels,and insane amounts of money.
They are getting everything they could possibly want and more from the current system,all the evil and destruction and the ruination of our people. They are profiting from all of this and for many of them they've participated in it actively.
Why are all of you waiting for some magical rich person to save you?
Why do you think any of these people would turn against the very system which made them egregiously wealthy and has given them an all access pass to every woman on earth?
The truth is,there will never be a magical rich person unicorn coming to save you or any of us.
I'm actually preparing to IRL save our people and fight our enemies,I'm working IRL to grow more food raise more animals and collect more rainwater so anyone I recruit won't go hungry or thirsty when the government cuts them off from the grocery stores.
I am poor,I'm not rich but I'm slowly buying more guns to give out to anyone who comes here to follow me. I'm ready to begin the brick work for my metal/blacksmithing workshop so I can equip my men with bulletproof armor as well.
I'm hoping to be able to bring men here to serve me,arm and armor them,and be fully self sufficient providing food and water for all of them THIS SUMMER
Yeah it turns out it doesn't matter that I'm not wealthy or influencial. I can still provide weapons,armor,food and water for dozens of men.
It doesn't matter that I'm poor,I'm over it.
It turns out I never needed wealth. I'm doing just fine buying and building what I need to save the white race without it. I don't need wealth to fight back against our enemies and neither do you.
It's time to Stop waiting for this Unicorn to come and save us. I'm going to do it because I damn well know there's no unicorn rich man coming to save me at the 11th hour. I damn well know if I don't do one will

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nonstopwarfare 9 days ago

So you don't believe he's coming back then? And you want one of the Rothschilds to fill his boots?

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nonstopwarfare 9 days ago

Dream on you fucking idiot , get a fucking grip , it's up to us

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