Woke Ireland. But still doomed by immigration.

Published on 16 Jan 2021 / In News & Politics

Unless there's a war.

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pater409 1 year ago

Nice one. Somebody is on the ball.

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NewWorldCircus 2 years ago

The problem is that so many white people (Europe, Canada, America, Australia) are so sedated.
Their minds are sold out to the Matrix.
Maybe we deserve this.

NIGGERS will just turn to the Asian man, or the Hispanic men are start harassing them for freebies.

And, the JEW will be there to run the whole game all over again.

IRELAND needs to act.

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NewWorldCircus 2 years ago

I think of those old Italian mafia movies.
Where a guy will pull off to the side of the road, and say "hey, are you Joe Smith??"

The guy on the sidewalk will say, "yea, what's it to you??".
Boom!!! Brains all over the sidewalk.

The Irish people need to fight this.
They have no choice.

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NewWorldCircus 2 years ago

I think the Irish need to start cruising at night, and kidnap all those NIGGERS, and start shooting them in the head.

I mean, what else is there to lose???
Their women are getting banged by NIGGERS.
Their women are acting, and talking like NIGGERS.
The moment you lose your women is the moment you have to eliminate your enemy.

How else will the Irish man continue his legacy????
He won't.

So, he may as well start geocoding these apes at night.
Apes love soliciting at night at bars, running around breaking into peoples' homes.
Start weeding them out.


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milhouse 2 years ago

Back To Africa Should Be Answer To Black Lives Matter

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