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Woman with Jewish accent reacts to Swastika flag

Published on 16 Jun 2022 / In Interesting

So the only news source this hag could find to complain about this was the BBC from the UK?

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WAXX 11 days ago

Oh that Nazi flag is because I stand with Ukraine. lolll

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Hatbox 11 days ago

If she came into my yard she'd be sorry. I'd be like "oh honey, don't play with the big girls". Screw jews!

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GHREM 11 days ago

She demands to know about the flag as she barges into his yard, then acts surprised by his normal response. Fuck you jew!

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Blablablablatron 11 days ago

She wouldn't let us hear what he had to say. Typical jew.

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theliquidatedrabbi 11 days ago

If some of my neighbors only knew...some do...some dont...doesnt matter, Id still get paid if the unknowing found out because I have an outstanding reputation and theyd still have me work for them. Im feeding them little bits of information at a time. Some are more receptive than others...just know your audience and adapt.

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TinyCow 11 days ago

I agree with that; incrementally giving them information so it isnt too overwhelming and they just refuse to allow themselves to accept reality. Some would think its all too complicated. Some wouldnt bother researching so much information. Some would simply allow themself to deny it because they feel like they would have to be a complete moron to not have noticed it before, and of course, they couldnt be THAT stupid. They all have their reasons but if they are blind to the facts, slow and steady is always best.

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Hatbox 11 days ago (edited)

This is how my sister is. She must be spoon fed. I've only just convinced her that Starbucks is ripping her off on coffee. All size cups there only hold the equivalent of a small coffee. Then I would try tackling bigger issues. She is a bona fide leftist.

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