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World Jewish Congress at UN - Antisemites & covid conspiracy theorists

Published on 29 Jul 2022 / In Covid 19 84 / HoloCough

they deny it in one instance then admit it in another. they say one thing then do another.

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theliquidatedrabbi 2 months ago

The UN was not born out of the ashes of the holohoax; it was born from the failed League of Nations...a rebranding, if you will. Fucking kikes will lie about everything and anything. All wars are fomented by jew financiers and weapons manufacturers.

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san_nicola 2 months ago

I wanna take a bat and hit every Jew on the head.
Maybe that will make them finally admit the truth and do everything in order
to make the gentiles stop hating them !
Why the fuck are they so dumb ?!

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