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Published on 25 Nov 2021 / In History

@Gott mit uns! YOU'RE DEAD WRONG!

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pater409 8 days ago

That gentleman was right when he stated that the war was fought "for nothing". It was fought for the hook-nosed, turd-burgling parasite known as the international JEW, which is the same as nothing, more specifically, his fucking rip-off extortion racket and debt slavery inherent in his usury-based financial system. This is what dozens of millions of Christian brothers slaughtered each other for, sent off to die by the biggest faggots and most shameless cowards who ever walked the earth, in support of a country taken over by a redneck, megalomaniac brute as the ultimate expression of the rat-faced, gutless fucking cunt known as the Bolshevik JEW cock sucker. No, this will NEVER be forgiven or forgotten--and one fine day, the feces-eating, child-raping fucking JEW cock sucker and all of his butt-sore minions will pay in spades in the currency of broken bones and mangled corpses.

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Shock 8 days ago

The Germans had a real job to do, to free their country and Europe from the grip of international Jewry and ZOG. They were just defending themselves.
The "allies" only job was to let themselves be fooled and being tricked into killing millions of their fellow whites for the sake of the Joo.
The same will happen all over again now. Retarded, order-following whites will be again fooled and made to inject poison into themselves and into their own kids and they will kill all those who refuse. All for the sake of the Joo again.
Retarded whites, Negros and other races are the instrument of the Joo, the executors
of all their evil plans.
The retarded, indoctrinated, order-following white is the most deadly enemy of the white race. Now, how can we deal with that paradoxical fact?

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WhiteNight 8 days ago


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Whitmann 8 days ago

And extract rightful retribution, when opportunity present itself.

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