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WTF 8-Month-Old Pregnant Woman Is Forced To Vaccinate Before Giving Birth, Baby Is Born With Neurological Issues

Published on 15 Sep 2021 / In Uncategorized

They are killing the human race off as we speak

⁣The aunt of the woman who gave birth to this baby with neurological issues wrote that the mother was forced to be vaccinated 8 months into her pregnancy or they would not allow her into the operating room to give her a cesarian.

The mother was ASKED to get vaccinated for months by the hospital but at the 8th month, they put the hammer down and required it or she would not get the proper care.

In the video, the baby is seen having violent shaking fits in his lower body as his legs vibrate uncontrollably.

The birth took place in the UK but it is not know as of yet exactly which part and which hospital.

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DANISAJEW 27 days ago

They all need to die. Those who have made it. Those who have distributed it. Those have administered it. Those who have pushed it. Those who have made the decision to give it to their children. Every one of those on the list does not deserve to live. Fuck them. I'm fucking red hot...

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TerpPerp 28 days ago


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LeniRiefenstahl 1 month ago

Evil! Evil to the core!

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Indisbeliefofleft 1 month ago

Most EVIL THING I've ever seen, hands down. FUCK YOU KILLERS I COULDN'T

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Soldier1 1 month ago

Omg. Have your babies at home. Don't go near organized medicine!

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I_hate__Death 1 month ago

I believe their science involves placebos and poisonous dozes. The people will find out but the question is what will they do about it.

They will have to kill off the idiots who keep this shit going. They will be ready for the truth but by then 5 billion people could be dead already and generations wiped out.

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