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You can tell its real because it looks so fake honestly...

Published on 18 Jun 2022 / In Moon Landings

just saying...

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ytrebiLeurT 8 days ago

Either it's real or it's fake, it can't be both because then it's an oxymoron, a "genius" shouldn't have an oxymoron falling out of his mouth...

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Bond0077 8 days ago

'space hardened or whatever', like a dumb blonde. with glasses. that's what he sounds like. He is mocking Japan's March 2011 water powered car roll-out, which resulted in Japan's reactor meltdown which in turn caused the earthquake and subsequent tsunami. Japan was forced to hand over all their technological and scientific advancements under threat of further Stuxnet attacks on the other plants across the country. Water power will end all wars and co-dependancies, enable the building of a technological Utopia. But instead we are going to live in 5g Gulag towers under constant threat of 'viruses' and social credit penalties

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Europeanflower 8 days ago

tiny roaster with a tiny spaceman?

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