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You Kipper | There's No England Now

Published on 16 Jul 2021 / In Politics

There's no england now is a depressing look into the destruction of traditional Britian through the use of multiculturalism, mass immigration and miscengination of huge waves of non-white alien peoples. The once beautifal and nobel white Britannia has now been corrupted into an Islamic caliphate of medival savergy.

The song in this video is called: ⁣Living on a thin line - The Kinks. I did not create this video; it was created by 'You Kipper'. His main channel was banned off YouTube but his backup can be found here: ⁣

He can also be found on Bitchute: ⁣

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I would describe myself as an agnostic, though heavily Christian sympathizing, spiritual nationalist, patriotic Englishmen and national socialist. The 'branch' of national socialism I subscribe to is esoteric Hitlerism. I equally support my theistic and atheistic racial brethren alike; taking no definitive stance of Christendom over Paganism and vice versa. I believe all white factions should unite by putting their race first before any other label and work together for the betterment of our kind. I am not a racist by it's modern definition; that is to say one who hates another race; though by traditional definition I am; that is to say one who believes there are clear biological distinctions between the races of the world and there are superior and inferior races based upon inherent characteristics. I believe in a mission of racial unity in which Arabs, Africans, Whites, Indians and Asians work together to help preserve our nations, cultures and race from the poisoness miscegenation promoting degenerate ideology of Marxism that has sought to destroy the natural diversity of the modern world.


Have you had a look at some of my most popular videos: Why all white parents should teach their children to defend themselves from anti-white savages:

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for being white:

You can find me on WorldTruth, Gab and Bitchute:




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or sexual orientational based hatred. Likewise it is not my intention
to promote, incite or encourage, directly or indirectly, any form of
criminality and violence; including terrorism.

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So this is the thing... The gay pride and muslim invaded... But Jew owned, The royal family sits upon a stolen crown. Mr Icke has held back the movement and every where I see the "Englishmen" have heralded this new age in with a smile.

Hell I even had a parasite from England give my last job away to the to an Indian... and no I do not mean the mongoloid invaders people call "Native American" or "first nations" here.
I mean those over seas porn pedaling Jew loving convivence store own invaders.

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mics972 16 days ago

51 Million 'DEAD' in the UK by 2025
Video & Link :

Why Are White Countries ALL Dying? = WHITE GENOCIDE . . .

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scm_bacont 16 days ago

I know, being on the other side of the pond, that we're witnessing the same devastation simultaneously in all white nations now...

Only thing I can say is "WTF!"

So sad to see our brethren across the pond doing the same thing...

   0    0
Lawi 16 days ago (edited)

The Gathering place is America; There can be only one.

   1    0
scm_bacont 16 days ago

Awesome meme!!!

   1    0
UninformedConsent 16 days ago

That's so sad. It's now beginning here.

   3    0
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