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Published on 25 Aug 2021 / In Police State / J.W.O.

⁣Hey everyone; this is a project i started a few days ago. The video Does start off a tad goofy... i was just having fun. But, seen as i likely wont be able to do anything for the weekend ahead, i figured id upload this video (as well as a few others) Now, while i still had the time. Take care everyone, and please make of it all what you will.
All the best; and Remember: you ARE loved.<3


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SaxonWarrior 3 months ago

There were 3 times more White people enslaved by jews, arabs, and negroids in the "transatlantic" slave operation that was wholly dominated by jews and their fellow non-White demons!! In fact the first registered slave owner in the US was a negroid named Anthony Johnson and the largest slave owner operation was another negroid!! Nothing is ever mentioned about this enslavement of White people who were kidnapped from their homelands, not sold by their aristocratic class unlike negroids, because of this they were often treated much worse since the slavers had nothing to lose not having any monetary investment other than travel expenses!! Today White slavery is just as prevalent being run out of Israel where slavery of White people is legal, and the media remains entirely silent!!
Further, the White race has been genocided with such great numbers with wars orchestrated by jews and then the ongoing jewish orchestration of poisoning our air, food, and water continues as well as the massive psychological operations designed to curtail births ie abortion, feminism, crt, etc etc etc!! According to the bible when this is all done and said jews will be effaced from the earth along with all of their non-White minions and then we will finally have paradise on earth when God rules not man and when only true Israel remains!!

Matthew 15:24 
“I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” 

Nowhere in all of Scripture is this clear statement by Christ contradicted, except with poor translation, outright interpolation, and/or reading scripture out of context!!

Romans 11:26
And so all Israel shall be saved as it is written, there shall come out of Sion the Deliverer, and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob.
(Israel is the physical descendants of Jacob-Israel, not some spiritual nonsense. Further, does this say everyone will be saved or just Israel?!)

Amos 3:1-2
“Hear this word that Yahweh has spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I brought out of the land of Egypt. YOU ONLY HAVE I KNOWN OF ALL THE FAMILIES OF THE EARTH;”

“the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost” is  race-mixing.

1 John 3:9
“Whosoever(John is talking to Israelites) is born of Yahweh doth not commit sin; for his seed (i.e., Wh ite Adamic sperm) remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is BORN of Yahweh.”

Historic Proof Of Israel's Migrations

Israel's Fingerprints

Biblical Canaanites, Who Are They?

Heirs To The Covenant

This is a set of podcasts with historical, archaeological, linguistical, biblical, cultural, etc proof that the Israelites without doubt migrated west and formed the European nations, they are called Saxon, Celtic, Nordic, Germanic, etc peoples today. The Israelites are not arabs, jews, or negroids they are the White race!!

Your Heritage(Europeans are the Israelite people)

Bible Basics

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SaxonWarrior 3 months ago

Books to read:

1) To Hell Or Barbados

2) Wh ite Sla very in the Barbary States by Charles Sumner

3) Wh ite Cargo by Don Jordan and Michael Walsh

4) Proclamation 1625: America's En sla vement of the Irish by Herbert L. Byrd, Jr

5) They Were Wh ite And They Were Sla ves by Michael A. Hoffman II

6) Without Indentures: Index To Wh ite Sl ave Children In Colonial Court Records by Richard Hayes Phillips PhD

Little Known Facts About the Antebellum South

Wh ite Cargo

Hidden Facts About Slavery In America

Historic Facts About Sla very And The Sham Called BLM!!

The Privelege They Erased From School's History Books

Dr William Luther Pierce - Dec 20, 1997 thru Dec 21, 1998, Auschwitz Center For Wh ite Sla vetrade In Poland

Hollywood Is A Whorehouse & Israel's Sla vetrade Of Wh ite People!!

Sla very Of Wh ite Women And Children In Israel!!

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