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You won't see this on mainstream media!! 🚫

Published on 10 Sep 2022 / In Geoengineering

Extreme heat in China. Someone pointed out to me that the smoke coming from the tree looks like it was microwaved. What do you think?

Credits to @divineinsight999 on TikTok

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Erika 17 days ago

Gosh that’s awful I feel so bad for the good Chinese people, not the animal abusers

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AryanRooster 17 days ago

This is what might happen in deadly earnest when CUNTmmunism rules a nation after nation.

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John Ssaw
John Ssaw 18 days ago

Pray with me - Dear Father, please crank the heat up a bit more. Thank You heavenly Father for Your wondrous blessings! Amen.

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John Ssaw
John Ssaw 16 days ago

I guess the dislikes are from people who believe in global warming?
Well it's pretty dry humor so maybe it's deserved.

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san_nicola 18 days ago

They do it on purpose.
They want to kill the people there.

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NewWorldCircus 18 days ago

Chinese people torment animals.
No issue here.

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